You Could Clean Your Record in Karnes City, Texas

You Could Clean Your Record in Karnes City, Texas

Learn about expunctions, nondisclosures and sealing of juvenile records

Once there's something on your criminal record, it's difficult to remove it. But there are ways for juveniles and adults to prevent certain parties from seeing their criminal record. Texas adults can seek expunction or a nondisclosure order for their criminal record. The juvenile court system runs differently, so juveniles must attempt to qualify for a sealed record.

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What is juvenile record sealing?

If your juvenile case qualifies, you can seal your record to prevent it from seeing the light of day. Once a record is sealed, public and private agencies are no longer able to access the record. Other entities will treat the case as if it never occurred.

What is expunction?

Expunction is the best possible outcome for an arrest. Expunction basically destroys your criminal record. Only certain cases qualify for expunction, including:

  • Acquittals
  • Dismissals
  • Class C misdemeanors

Law enforcement, government agencies and private entities will have no evidence of your criminal record. Call David K. Chapman, Attorney at Law today to speak with a criminal defense lawyer about your expunction options 817-903-4816.

What is a nondisclosure agreement?

A nondisclosure agreement is the next best thing to expunction for an adult. If you do not qualify for expunction, a nondisclosure order can seal your record from public and private entities, such as mortgage companies and employers. However, law enforcement and government agencies can obtain the records.

Start protecting your rights today. If you are ready to legally eradicate your criminal record, explore your options with David K. Chapman, Attorney at Law in Karnes City, Texas.